Friday, March 27, 2015

Confessions of a bad blogger

Goodness gracious me, it is nearly April and I have not blogged. At all. And I have no good excuse for it either. None, whatsoever. There, that's the confession done. Now for the reflection.

Blogging is good. If you have something to write about. However, I usually don't.

I have no serious cause that I want to advocate in my blogs (especially as 'chocolate is healthy', 'carpets are evil' and 'every house should have a sauna' probably don't qualify). I am not a mummy blogger or a daddy blogger  (mainly because I find most of these types of blogs I've read in passing either extremely annoying or overly cheesy). Plus I bore enough people of young sir's adventures on Facebook to make them public to the rest of the world.

So my problem is, I have nothing to write about. I don't live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world with eternal sunshine like my sister or  have meaningful yet humorous insights into life of an adoptive parent like the wonderful Al does.

Based on the likes of my Facebook statuses and photos, people actually don't mind seeing pictures of young sir occasionally but he is far too good and well behaved (hmmm) to make a whole blog out of his adventures. But as I only have one child, I am not qualified to comment on most parenting things anyway...oh if I had a penny for every time I've heard 'but you only have one child' and another for the suffering smug smile that accompanies it usually I would be well on my way of being a millionaire.

My work. I could write about what I do. If I wanted to lose my last remaining readers who aren't my sisters. Every time I post anything work related on Facebook, I can predict before hand who will like those statuses. My excitement of getting some free copies of books (lovely, lovely text books on research methods) was liked by 5 people whereas Young sir wearing his grown up school tie for the first time made it well into double figures.

My relationship. Hmmm. I could write about that. Being happily married to my amazing husband for a looooooong time now, there must be some pearls of wisdom I could share about that. But 'have fun together' will get boring after a few blogs, even though that is the single piece of advice I think anyone getting married needs. So blogging about marriage is out of the window, plus there are bloggers completely dedicated to that anyway so my two pennies worth is probably neither here nor there.

So the grand conclusion is, I have not really anything worth blogging about. I forget the existence of my blog occasionally too. So I think I just keep rambling on about my hobby horses every now and then. That keeps me happy.

And I've added a picture of young sir and his tie, just to make people will want to come back and read my next blog (whenever I remember to do it again) as he is more popular than I am :)