Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Amazing but surreal

We are home after a week in Kenya visiting Sure24 in Nakuru. Sammy, the guy with a big vision and even bigger heart, has created a safe haven for a hundred+ children which is more than just a children's home, a primary school, a church or a feeding programme.

Yesterday at work, people were asking 'how was it'? What did you do? Did I have a good time?

I hardly knew how to describe the experience. I have never felt so humbled, so out of place, so encouraged, so welcome and so challenged, all at the same time. Surreal but amazing just about sums up the emotions I felt.

Surreal because I knew that next week, I would be back by my desk, in my relatively well paid job, living in my comfy house with electricity, heating and hot water, with enough money to buy all the food that I need and most of the luxuries that I want. With no real worries or concerns. Yet there I was, surrounded by children who had nothing. Children who came from the most hopeless of backgrounds.

Amazing because these children were happy. On one of the days I played a game with a group of girls, they had a ball made out of old plastic bag stuffed with sand and tied in a knot and some metal pop bottle tops for counters. Nothing really in our eyes, but they were so chuffed to have it. Amazing because of all the people there who had dedicated their lives to loving these kids. And not the least because of the beauty of the scenery around us - maybe I am ignorant but I had expected some huts in a dusty fields instead I got the stunning Rift Valley scenery with the mountains and valleys.

I loved it but I was really challenged by being at Sure24. What did I think I could offer these children? What did my contribution really mean?

Not sure, is the answer...but the one thing I do know, is that if there is anything I can do to help Sammy and his lovely wife Millie to get to make their amazing dream a reality, I would like to do it and not just watch from the sidelines.

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