Friday, September 19, 2014

It's a man's world

Due to my commute to work, I am now the main user of the car clocking up more miles than I like to think about going up and down the A19.

Before this, I was vaguely aware of all the things that went with having a car but they seemed to just magically take care of themselves. Ignorance is a bliss. I never filled it up with petrol - yet, it never run out. The last time I checked the tyre pressure was in 2005 (when we still had the tank*) I was on my way to a conference and the usual maintenance crew had not had time to fill up the car or check the tyres so I was given explicit orders to do that before going. I still remember by colleague giggling in the car at my vain attempts to get some air into the tyres. The tank guzzled oil (one of its many quirks), yet I don't think I ever topped it up or checked it...MOTs just magically happened too!

Alas, this has all changed. Now, I fill up the car weekly. I check the tyres with the alien machine that makes funny noises and beeps at me. I have even washed the car - twice. My accomplishment this week was going and getting some new tyres. I thought I sounded quite knowledgeable in the tyre shop - repeating all the things I'd been told to ask talking about nearside rear tyre and wheel lock nut like I knew what I was talking about.

So all in all, I have become quite a dap hand at all of these car things...or so I thought until I had to call hubby this week to ask how to open an oil bottle - what I thought to be some weird child safety thing turned out to be a funnel! Oh well, you can't know everything.

I think cars are one of the reasons (in addition to having grown up in a country with one of smallest gender gaps in the world and being completely oblivious to the fact that feminism existed or that there was a need  for such a thing as feminism) why I would never make a good feminist - I am very happy not to take care of the car. I want it to remain a man's world. With no hesitation or guilt I am reinforcing outdated gender stereotypes  to young sir, daddy does cars, I don't.

*sadly I have not written an ode to the tank as I should have done, it was the best car ever, it served us faithfully until it clocked at 265,000+ miles, you can see a glimpse of it here.

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