Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Holiday a'la young sir

We've had two sunny weeks in Finland, visiting family and not doing much apart from enjoying the weather and eating ice cream. Glorious. Young sir has taken ownership of our old digital camera and has been snapping away for the last couple of months. He wanted to take the camera on holiday and we thought why not - the worst that could happen is that he would break or lose it - not a great loss as -it is a decade old and we never use it!

So here are few pics of the holiday as captured by young sir:

Up, up and away

Young sir's first camp experience - four nights and five days of fun. He wants to go back next year!

 Many of his photos were of vehicles - here is a ferry

Seagull in Suomenlinna

 A boat in Suomenlinna

 Tuomiokirkko - The Cathedral in Helsinki

The Senate Square, the view from the steps of the Cathedral

 Icebreaker behind a fence

 In Linnanmaki amusement park

 Auntie Paivi, mummy and auntie Hellu having a well earned break after a busy morning of moving boxes

Uncle Benny's map that stayed behind for the new tenants

 A metro selfie

 A view from great granny's place

 On our way to the cottage - gravel roads - fun, fun, fun :)

The woodshed and the puu-cee (old fashioned composting loo)

The view from the cottage door

 Experimenting with a tripod and timer - hours of amusement!

 The lake

 The hire car (there were about 30 pictures of the car from various angles)

 Posing with the car (tripod&timer)

 The catch

 A hedgehog trying to hide

Home sweet home, here we come.

So that was our happy holiday as seen by a six-year old.