Thursday, July 17, 2014

Questions from strangers

Believe me, there are plenty of questions people feel entitled to ask when they hear the number of siblings you have. And they are surprisingly predictable. And usually people are not satisfied by just asking one, they have to ask at least couple. I am talking from years of experience here.

There is something about large families that makes people feel that are entitled to ask questions that they probably wouldn't if you were talking to someone who comes from family of two kids. A bit like strangers patting pregnant ladies tummy is fine but you would never do the same thing if the lady in question was not pregnant...

I love this video. I am usually quite sceptical about things going around and being branded hilarious or 'viral' as they are usually neither funny nor that interesting. This however is funny - if you come from a large family. I have heard most these questions over the years when the number of siblings I have comes up in any conversation. So here is to my lovely siblings and all of you from large families - enjoy!


Hannanen said...

ihana toi video.. :)

The Lindseys said...

Joo :) ma naureskelin aaneen itsekseni ku nain sen ekan kerran!