Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tooth fairy has a dilemma

The tooth fairy is in  trouble. She thought £1 for the first and 50p for any consequent teeth was a suitable rate payment for taking on the responsibility of disposing of the treasured teeth. Tooth one, everything went to the plan. Tooth two - fifty pence was deposited safely into the piggy bank. Tooth three, slight disaster struck and tooth fairy only had £1 coins and young sir was delighted with that.

Tooth four has been wobbly for weeks. Far too long. Long enough for the tooth fairy to fall into complacency over the amount of coins she carries in her purse. Tonight - 10 minutes after bedtime story had finished - there was a delighted shout from upstairs followed by stomp down the stairs to exhibit the tooth number four to us.

Panic. Tooth fairy only has a £2 coin in her purse. After conducting a quick assessment of the situation her logical options are:

  1.  be generous and leave £2 under the pillow - the tooth has been wobbling for ages so two quid seems only reasonable 
  2. see if she can raid young sir's piggy bank (the type you get from a bank that can only be opened by a key in the bank) and exchange the £2 into two pound coins. Tooth fairy used to be quite a dap hand at getting money out of her piggy bank without having to visit a financial establishment in her younger days so it would not be a feat beyond her capabilities
  3. walk fly to the shop around the corner and ask the nice lady to exchange the £2 coin or if that fails, buy a small chocolate bar so that she would get a £1 coin in the change
  4. leave a letter under the pillow to explain that tooth fairy had temporarily run out of money and she'd come by again tomorrow
What's a fairy to do??? Option four would break young sir's heart. Option three can be ruled out because of inherent laziness of the said fairy - also she has a cheeky midweek G&T on the go so flying is probably not an option. Which only leaves options one and two...generousity or criminal's a tough choice...


Hannanen said...

Hih how did you solve The broblem

The Lindseys said...

I went for the £2 option and boy was he happy when he woke up!