Sunday, May 18, 2014

Journey to the mass and back again

On Tuesday it was time for the annual march to a mass for young sir's class. I was a good parent and volunteered to help shepherding the kids the mile and a bit walk from school to the church and back again. Last year it was a toddle, the kids had their buddies with them so there wasn't much left for the parents to do. This year, it was a different story...

The teacher paired up the kids - boy-girl of course - as we were leaving the classroom. I'm sure the extra wild kids were paired up with kids who had a parent there and those remaining were paired up making sure the trouble makers had a nice placid child as their pair.

Mile and a bit takes a while at a pace of a six year old. The sun was shining and they were happily singing the song from frozen. Again. And again. And again...

The teacher's sneaky plan was to seat the parents in mids of the kids to keep them quiet during the mass - so far for my master plan of sitting in the back of the church and following everyone else to make sure I stood up at the right time and did my crosses the right way around!

On the way home, the kids moved onto a serious discussion about relationships a'la frozen - how important it is not to get engaged to a person you've just met - you need to make sure they are your true love first. There was also some debate about whether frozen was a girl's film or a boys film - the girls believed that on account of two leading characters being princesses it must be a girls film whereas the boys were adamant it was a boy's film as the reindeer and the snowman were male...

Talk of princesses led couple of the little girls to quiz me on my short hair - how could I have had my princess-lenght hair cut - travesty! The explanation that it was helping someone else to be a little princess didn't really cut the ice with them.

After few more renditions of Let it go and far too many rounds of I-spy we made it back to school in one piece. It was fun to help but by the end of it I was sounding like a broken record...X walk faster...Y hold your pair's hand...Z don't hit your pair...and my personal favourite: X don't use your cardigan as a skipping rope!

Oh, I am so glad I am not a teacher!

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