Friday, May 02, 2014

Have your cake and eat it

I'm still in love with radio. It's part of my morning ritual with young sir. He comes and climbs to our bed and we dozily listen to Today on radio 4 whilst I sip my tea made by amazing hubby before he heads to work. Every now and then young sir asks a random question about what he has just heard but mainly we just listen in companionable silence.

When young sir was in nursery he went through a phase of using quite complicated words completely out of context. We wondered where he'd learnt the words until one afternoon we caught him sitting on the floor next to the radio and repeating the words he heard. One of the side effects of having a mean mother who limits his screen time excessively I guess...I'll add it to his childhood traumas list that he needs to deal with when he is a grown up!

My Tuesday commute has changed. Life scientific has been replaced by No Triumph, No Tragedy. This week a blind singer/song writer Raul Midon was being interviewed. The interview was interesting, his music was good.

What more, it got me thinking. How do blind people fall in love? There probably are plenty of studies on the topic of blindness and attraction but for once my thinking was just vaguely-pondering-type-thinking rather than I-must-find-out-and-search-through-numerous-journals-type-thinking...

For seeing people physical attraction is the first thing usually,- how-ever-much people protest and say it's about the beautiful personality and soul the other person had. If we are honest, for most of us there was something in the looks of the other person that first attracted us to them. The wonderful personality is the thing that helps us to keep loving that person year in and year out.

If you can't see someone, there must be something else that attracts people to each other, maybe sound of the other person's voice? Maybe blind people can honestly say they were attracted to the personality of the person they love - unlike us seeing people who use that line because noticing someone for their looks is considered vain.

In Finnish there is a saying 'moni kakku päältä kaunis' - (many cakes are pretty on the outside). My theory is that to be/stay happily in love you need to find a cake that you like the look of and the taste of. So the secret of a happy marriage is cake after all :)

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