Thursday, May 08, 2014

Chores vs tooth fairy - the lure of easy money

Last week we made history. The era of pocket money began. Before pocket money, we had an unofficial two tiered taxation system. Young sir got the coppers and I got the rest of the coins. The thought of having his own money has been fascinating him for a while with the reason behind it being equally divided between being able to use it in the tuck shop at gymnastics (there's a hobby horse there but we'll keep it stabled for another day) or saving it for a lego  set.

And finally he's day had come. The first steps towards financial independence have been taken. From now on, every week there is a list of chores young sir has to do. For each chore he can earn certain amount of money up to the maximum of 'hundred pennies' which is a fortune to him.

The first week went fine. He did most of his chores eagerly and daddy allowed him to lay the table an extra time to ensure he got his 100p. This week his enthusiasm has been waining. But he has been very keen to wobble his tooth and he was very worried about whether the tooth fairy would be able to pay him if he swallowed the tooth (I did that on my 6th birthday, before eating the cake it was there...after cake - no tooth).

This morning the tooth finally came out. And so did the reason for not doing the chores - the tooth fairy pays better than mummy and daddy! And all you have to do is to wiggle your tooth rather than tidy up your room, fill the dishwasher, lay the table etc.

There are no more wobbly teeth at the moment so hopefully the excitement of the chores will return. He has got healthy mistrust of the banking system too and keeps his money underneath his piggy bank rather than puts it in it...

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