Saturday, May 17, 2014

Capturing the moment

I love this photo from my sister's wedding from year and half ago. It captures a moment. It doesn't present a perfect, smiley portrait of a family celebrating a special day - although we did get that too - but gives a snapshot into the practicalities of that day.

I think that sometimes the downside of digital photos is that you keep snapping until you have the perfect photo. It the oldern days with film cameras you had 24 shots and if none of them came out well, too bad, you were stuck with them. Now, you just keep going until you get a picture that is good enough for the world to see. And we do usually make sure that the world does see that 'perfect me' via social media. Gone are photo albums that would be brought out on special occasions or the big box where the not quite album material photos ended.

Yet the photos that capture the non-perfect side of us (i.e. the ones we wouldn't put on facebook)...the closed eyes, the crooked smile, the extra cuddles...are like friends. With a good friend, you don't have to have the perfect smile on and present the better side of you every time, you can tell how you feel, what's really going on, be grumpy, shed a few tears, have a rant. And life is actually much more fun with the realisation that 'I am not perfect'- it gives you freedom to laugh at your mistakes rather than having to worry about what others think of you.

Hmm...too many deep thoughts for this early in the morning! There was another priceless shot from the same trip to Finland of me about to strangle young sir because he refused to co-operate. That boy knows how to reduce me to tears in no time at all, I use to be patient and then he came along...

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