Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My new love...


I commute to work couple of times a week. I drop young sir to school and toodle down the A19 to Stockton. Good run takes about 45-50 minutes. Bad run, long is a piece of string?

My favourite day for spending a best part of an hour in a car is Tuesday. I have discovered that I love The Life Scientific on radio four. A lot. With Passion. Did I say how much I like it? Half an hour to listening to geeks scientists getting excited about what they have done, an absolute bliss to listen to :) I usually don't know much of the topic they are talking about but I love it anyway. It's the passion the interviewees have for their subject and how they make it to come alive that makes it for me.

Before I get to work I usually have time to listen to One to One, 15 minute in depth interview with a different guest each week. Today's guest had me in tears recounting a touching story of how her son with a genetic condition had reacted joyfully to the news that his new baby brother had the same condition. Another week they interviewed a lady from Afghanistan who rescues girls from forced marriages, a real eye opener!

If I didn't have lovely family waiting for me at home I would commute home half an hour later so that I would catch the comedy programmes on at 6.30. But as I would rather spend time with them than laugh loud out alone in a car to a radio programme I have the excitement of the PM and Six o'clock news. It's occasionally amusing but slightly on the dull side but at least I'll be knowledgeable on the current affairs.

Just before the news at 6 they play the sound of the day - a recording of a random sound thunder at listeners have sent in. There's been the sound of lego box being rummaged through, lambs bleating, thunder storm.

Maybe it's a sign of maturity...hmmm....or maybe not...but I actually really, really enjoy listening to radio. My contribution to many conversations used to be and still is  'I read about it in x' now I can say 'I heard about it on radio' :)

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