Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mummy, can I have a hamster?

Last weekend, a question that I have been dreading finally surfaced...

'Mummy, can I have a hamster?'

And my foolish answer was: 'We'll think about it'...hoping that young sir would quickly forget about this desire to share his room with a small rodent. For the rest of the weekend, every couple of hours he came and checked: 'mummy, are you thinking about it?' Whatever  happened to 'least said, soonest mended' - that obviously didn't work!

Few days later young sir told grandpa all about wanting a hamster and his sensible reply was:
'What about the cat, the cat would eat it, it would not be fair on the hamster'.

The bottom lip wobbled a few times and then young sir's face lit up...

'I will close my bedroom door'
'But the cat could open the door' (and she can too, one acrobatic jump is all it takes)

Two seconds was all it took for him to think of a new solution:
'I'll leave food for the cat all around the house so she'll eat that instead'

Determination is his middle name.

The talks are on-going. I am not too keen on the idea of finding cat food at random locations in the house...Possibility of the hamster as a birthday present has been mentioned with the standard get-out clause that he is the one who'll have to feed it and take care of it or it will go. I am hoping there will be an amazing lego model being brought out few weeks before his birthday that would be more alluring than a squeaky fur ball...

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