Thursday, January 09, 2014

Dreamming of summer

My sister posted some pictures on facebook couple of days ago. One of them was of me and young sir marching together along the Hadrian's wall. In the sunshine. I looked at the photo and wanted it to be summer. NOW.

Usually, I like all the seasons. Each one of them has their own appeal. Some people call themselves summer people and feel that they are only really alive in the summer when the sun shines and all is rosy. I love sunshine and summer but I also love crisp autumn mornings, rainy winter days (or snow but that doesn't happen too often), emerging spring flowers.

When I first moved to England I was adamant that there were only three seasons here. Since then I have learnt not to define winter purely by the depth of the snow cover - even though my ideal winter would still be snowy...

When I saw this photo I really, really wished it was summer. There was something so inviting about the fluffy clouds and sunshine. For couple of minutes I was a summer person...and then it was back to reality. It is January. I have sinusitis and am drinking gallons of hot black currant squash in the hope that it will alleviate the suffering slightly.  Hey ho...time to boil the kettle again :)

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