Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Young sir has been obsessed with road signs for a while. The latest particular fascination is speed limit signs - usually telling us to drive faster or slower. On Sunday we were crawling to a party in stop start traffic due to road closure and diversion to which he said: 'We are not going 50 mummy, it says we should go 50'...

Yesterday morning young sir decided that our household management needs a bit of an updating so whilst we were sipping our morning cup of tea he industriously filled the house with arrows and signs to help us navigate around.

On the stairs there were signs with arrows going both ways - indicating that the traffic can flow both up and down. In our bedroom he had a sign with mummy and daddy on and then arrows to show which side of the bed belonged to whom. In the bathroom the tap and the 'toilut' were pointed out in case someone was unaware of what they were.

It was very sweet to watch him potter about and make sure all the arrows were pointing int he right direction and that all the signs had the right text on. What was even sweeter was that he collected them away without being asked - he obviously didn't trust me to keep them safe whilst he was at school!

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