Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bunnylicious thoughts on creativity

Young sir is a typical little boy - fascinated with anything that moves, makes noise or generally looks like machinery. My sewing machine is no exception. Couple of weeks ago I was making a bunny (with the wonderful free pattern available from here) for a present and he wanted to help me. But what he really meant is that he wanted to use my sewing machine. 

I wasn't in a hurry so we found some more fabric and young sir picked the ones he liked and started to make a bunny of his own. Thankfully the bunny is quick to make and my patience and the sewing machine both remained intact.

Young sir drew the little nose and mouth and I stitched them and the eyes on for him but the rest he did himself. He discovered that the harder you hit the pedal, the faster the machine goes - hence his bunny has a slightly less round tummy with wonkiness in odd places.

I resisted the temptation to correct the wonkyness and the bunny is most definitely young sir's masterpiece that I helped him make rather than something he helped me to make. He was pleased with it, even though it did not look much like the original. It was wonky, not as pretty as it could have been, the ears were lined with odd fabric, the arms were different sizes...And I felt so proud of my boy - because he did it. 

Perfectionism kills creativity. So often we compare ourselves to others and don't even try because we are afraid of failing. Kids have no such fears. They think that everything they create is a masterpiece and deserves to be admired. Even a loo roll taped to a cereal box that you try to sneak to the recycling bin when he is asleep as you know he'll come home from school the next day with an equally amazing masterpiece! It is a masterpiece because they made it not because of what it looks like.

Young sir went to bed with Check the Bunny on the pillow next to him and a big smile on his face. 

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