Thursday, October 10, 2013

Young sir and Buddy

We have had a new member in our family since July. Buddy, a brown build-a-bear dog, was given to Young sir on the last day of the school by his year six buddy James who was leaving for high school. Since then Young sir and Buddy have been inseparable. Buddy gets strapped into a spare car set when we are driving somehwere. He has breakfast with Young sir. He voices 'his' opinions accompanied with loud woofs. 

Most importantly, Buddy came on holiday. Young sir was slightly concerned as Buddy had "never been on a ferry before" but our canine friend survived the calm crossing from North Shields to Amsterdam. Buddy visited the medieval town of Krems and more importantly the outdoor pool there. He came along to heurigen (wine and cold meat sandwiches served by local vineyards in little wine cellars) in Rohrendorf. Went up a mountain in a cable car in Galtur. Came down a mountain in Young sir's rucksack. And each night he snuggled next to Young sir in his sleeping bag. Very sweet!

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