Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fridge revelations...

I have been challenged to show the contents of my fridge by my sister Eeva. My initial reaction was to wait a few days until I've been to supermarket and the shelves look less bare!  But then honesty or lazyness won so here is my fridge and everything in it was the day I was challenged to take part.

We have an undercounter fridge that is usually decorated with random assortment of magnets. The alphabets were a Christmas present for Young sir from grannie. Once in a blue moon he sits on the floor and tries to spell a work - fog was his latest attempt. On the fridge is also a picture of us taken last December by my talented photographer sister Hanna.  She recently photographed my second youngest sister Roosa's wedding so if you want to be nosy, there are some gorgeous photos of my sisters on Hanna's website.

Back to the fridge. Here it is in all it's glory. The vege draws are pretty empty as we've been eating veggies (read beans, tomatoes and carrots) from the allotment over the summer. Pick & eat on the same day, no need for fridge.  There were two rather sorry looking red chillies, bit of lettuce and some parsley (from the allotment again) in the draws which looked far too sorry to be photographed!

Let's tackle the door first. The standard items that we always have are are milk, squash and tonic water. On the whole we don't drink squash that much but when we do Rocks organic is our favourite. I like the blackcurrant (reminds me of juice my grannie used to make when I was little) and hubby likes the orange. Young sir likes both - it's his weekend treat with splash of tonic day he'll discover that other kids drink pop ;)

On the next shelf up, I've got one of my favourite standby items creamed coconut (condensed solidified coconut milk?). We cook curries quite often and creamed coconut is handy as it lasts for ages (way beyond the 'once opened please use within 4 weeks') and you can just chop of however much you want and add it to your concoction. Next to it is pesto, the stable for quick after school meals. Hiding behind the coconut is sweet cucumber pickle that was given to us. It's yummee on bread with some cheese or ham...mmmm....

The most prized possession of my fridge is liquorice ice cream sauce that my sister Hellu (fyi - for those wondering about the number of sisters - I have eight and half of them are mentioned in this blog post!) brought when she came for a visit in the summer. Liquorice ripple ice cream is one of my all time favourite ice creams. The closest I can get to it in England is squirting some of the sauce on vanilla ice cream and closing my eyes and imaging it's proper liquorice ripple ice cream. Behind the pesto is a packet of sweetcorn seeds. Seeds store best when they are cool or so they say so I thought I'd give it ago as I only planted half of them this year.

Sharing honoured place along the same shelf with the liquorice sauce are mustards.  I love chicken pie. It's a great way of using up left over roast chicken and adding a big spoonful of wholegrain mustard makes it taste amazing. Likewise adding a small spoonful of english mustard to a stew adds nice flavour to the gravy. Nest to the mustards is a bag of maltesers. The only reason why they are still in the fridge and not in my tummy is that they belong to young sir.

Now for the main part of the fridge. I've got some coriander - again for curries. I've found it keeps longer when you stand it in some water. Hiding in the back there is a tub of houmous - the one of the few things I think tastes better when it's shop bought, I've tried couple of times to make my own and each time the result has not been worth the effort that I've put into making it! Another staple that I usually have in the fridge too is natural yogurt, I use it in cakes (instead of soured cream), quiches and curries. The out of the ordinary item in the fridge this time is a cartoon of mango and passion fruit smoothie, we usually buy apple or orange juice but the smoothies were on offer this time :)

 The top shelf is rather a mixed up lot. The cheese should be on the top compartment of the door but it was too big to fit in and is residing temporarily here until we've eaten enough for it to fit in its normal place. The grapes are in the fridge for safe keeping, if I put them in the fruit bowl young sir can demolish the lot in less than 10 minutes. So to make sure we all get to have some grapes they are rationed out. Next to the cheese is some egg whites. They keep for ages and you never know when you feel like whipping up a meringue. There's also a bottle of wine that we brought back from our holiday. We camped on a vineyard and bought some lovely Austrian wine from there to take home.

 And as my sister predicted we have some left over beans in the fridge. As I've come to learn baked beans are an essential part of the English diet.

For those carnivores who are worried over the lack of meat in the fridge...we are not vegeterians. We have lovely butchers around the corner and I usually go and get whatever meat I'm cooking from there on the day. But you don't need to worry over my legs getting tired from walking to the butchers either - we eat vegetarian meals during the week as hubby gets meaty lunch at work and young sir has meat with his school meals and have a meat feast at the weekends.

So that ends the contents of my fridge. There were bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise that didn't' get properly introduced to you. Neither did I show a close up of the tub containing left over pizza or bowl with left over crumble. You'll just have to imagine those. In the time before digital cameras, a tupperware tub full of 35mm slide film was a standard feature in our fridge - like seeds film keep best in the fridge too!

So now it is my turn to challenge someone else to reveal the contents of their fridge. Not sure if this is allowed in the rules of blog challenges but I would like to challenge to lovely ladies. One of them is my sister Hanna (yes, the one that takes photographs but she also bakes amazing cakes) and the other one is  MamaDeano whom I've never met but whose blog I found through a mutual friend and thoroughly enjoy reading.


mamadeano said...

ohhhh i have just discovered this challenge ......I will of course, oblige. Although i warn you of tales of mouldy food, jars of useless sauces and all manner of unhealthy items ! I will get on it, and post back when I completed the challenge :)

The Lindseys said...

Thank you :) I had few mouldy items too but thankfully the camera angle hid them from sight! And more than couple of jars of things that I realised that I'd actually never used - given to me by friends who were moving house and I thought I'd use them!