Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boaty bunting

When hubby's godson was born this summer I was looking for fun ideas for a bit different bunting for a baby boy. After trawling through mountains of pictures on pinterest with nothing to inspire me. I decided to create my own and boaty bunting was the result.

Once I knew what I was doing, they were quick and simple to make. If you fancy giving them ago - here's how:

1. Cut out the hulls and the sails

2. Embroider letters on if you fancy a name on your line of boats.

3. Sew the hulls and sails together. I made the boats fiddlier than I needed to by sewing the hulls first, turning them the right way out, pinning on the sails and sewing along the 'hem'. Then turning the sails over and zig-zagging on the mast. Next time I'll probably just pin the hull and sail part together, slightly overlapping and zig-zag along the outsides and the overlapping seem.

4. Sew on a button and a loop to hang the boat on the line. Or alternatively you can sew the boats directly onto the line.

And they are done :)

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