Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young sir turns six

It is a cliche but it only seems such a short time ago since young sir was born. He was little and cute. Very cute. Now he is six. Everyone tells you that they grow up so fast and you nod and smile disbelievingly until one day you realise how right they were.

He still is cute but there is definitely nothing little about him. He is tall. He is fast. He is loud. He is very much a boy. He likes cars, rockets, bikes, planes, puddles, mud, water, sticks...the list is endless! And boy, can he eat. I remember my dad always commenting that my brother ate more than all of us girls combined - if young sir keeps eating at the rate he does I am not at all surprised how big my brother's appetite used to be...

After a whole year of "I'll do this for my birthday" after every single party he went to, we made an overriding parental decision and he had an animal antics party shared with one of his school friends whose birthday was few days earlier than young sir's. 

The kids had fun stroking all sorts of weird and wonderful animals and some a bit more normal ones. My favourite was the pygmy hedgehog. Young sir liked the lizards and the rabbits. The tarantula and the snake got lots of admiration from the little boys...

Young sir loved opening presents and was very pleased with the quantity of lego he received. I think when you are six there is no such a thing as too much lego. With the help of grannie and grandpa we got him a new bike and that was a success too. I have a sneaky feeling that I will get fit on the school run - he is very speedy and if I want to keep up with him I'll have to pedal faster.

And before I know, a whole year has flown by and he will  be seven. But for now, he is still small enough to like mummy's cuddles and tons of bedtime stories. I'll savour the present whilst being excited about the amazing young man he is growing up to be - much, much faster than I expected.

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