Thursday, September 26, 2013

Being a grown up(ish)

Being 30+, is kind of a grown up age, yet I don't really think myself as a grown up. Let alone feel like a grown up. Even if having a kid in school, PhD and a mortgage are convincing evidence that I must appear as a grown up...I still think myself as being young. And relatively speaking I guess I am - especially as some* suggest that middle age begins at 55 now.

However it is slowly dawning on me that I am much more grown up than I think. Young sir often reminds me of how busy and boring (=grown up) I've become. Rushing to school on a busy morning, my focus is on getting out of the house fed and clothed in a minimum amount of time whilst his focus is on the most amazing lego contraption that he just built. Or when cycling to school on a rainy day, his focus is on pedaling through as many puddles as possible and as fast as possible whilst I am concerned about how wet his shoes are getting.

Yesterday was a really autumnal, grey day here - with everything being enveloped in a cloud of mist. Here and there beautiful strings of watery beads highlighted the delicate and carefully spun structure of a spiders web. I was not too hurried to admire the dew drops creations in the back garden on the way to get bikes out of the shed for the school run...Only to be taken back by young sir's excited comment: "Mummy, Spiderman has been here!"

The comment challenged me. As a grown up - we too often take things at the face value rather than seeing beyond the obvious. I saw a dewy web -it was beautiful but it was just a dewy web. Young sir saw a trail mark left by a superhero.

One of my many favourite books is Saariston lapset (Vi på Saltkråkan/Children of the archipelago) by Astrid Lindgren. A piece of advice that Pampula, a jolly little girl in the book gives is to cheer up because "life is not an island of sorrows". There are things to be smile about even in the most miserable day and you don't have to be Pollyanna to see them.

Maybe a little bit of imagination alongside the stalwart grown up quality of common sense wouldn't do me any harm. Carpe Diem - one of the very few things I remember from Latin at school (alongside In vino veritas). How many times have I missed an opportunity for a giggle or an invitation to an adventure because I was being 'sensible'.

So my challenge to myself is to try to find the childlike joy and excitement in things that I can so easily miss because of this, that and the other. And the honest truth is that 'this, that and the other' rarely are as important as we make them out to be!

*a rather dubious selective piece of research online-survey marketing

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mamadeano said...

this is so true. although i hate spiders, I love their dewy webs :)