Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer's gone

I just read my little sister's blog and noticed from her blog list that I hadn't blogged for three months...oh dear...

Time has flown and much has happened.

My thesis corrections were approved. I had my graduation and one of my sisters came over for it :) I am officially Dr now - weird!

Young sir finished reception (his first year at school). He got a lovely report from his fantastic teacher. It tickled my sense of humour that the areas where he was exceeding the expected learning outcomes were his understanding and awareness of the world (being bilingual and traveling to see family in a different country might have something to do with that) and his ability to answer question (he's been asking why long enough by now so I am pleased that he can answer questions, not just ask them!). His first summer holiday is nearly over - back to school next week.

Amazing husband has built a greenhouse for the allotment and it's full of tomato plants - lots of homegrown tomatoes to eat :)

Our family holiday has been and gone. Three weeks camping and visiting friends in Austria and Germany - we had fantastic time.

Now it's time to sort out young sir's school uniform and continue with the job hunting. And whilst I have no job I get to go and help in the Bay foodbank  with all the other lovely volunteers :)

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