Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On blowing eggs

When I was growing up, we used to paint eggs that had been emptied for Easter decoration. During the weeks leading up to Easter my mum saved all the eggshells from baking. I remember watching in amazement as she made two little holes in either end of an egg and carefully blew into one of them and like magic the egg emerged from the other hole in a thin ribbon.

Then few days before Easter we would sit down and paint them to be hang on birch branches in a vase. I am sure it was lots more chaotic than my idyllic memory of carefully painting eggs and then watching in awe as my mum tied some thread on piece of match and slotted it inside the egg so that it could be hung up.

In Finland majority of eggs are white - nice for painting with watercolours as you get nice brilliant vivacious shades. In England eggs are brown apart from the extortionately priced pastelly colours that some supermarkets sell. Not so good for painting. I've tried watercolours few times but they just do not work. So after some experimenting I have decided that poster paints are the way forward. You don't get such a delicate results but then my master painter at the moment is five years old and delicacy is not high on his priority list when it comes to decorating eggs!

One of my childhood memories involves paitned eggs. I was about three or four. After Easter, my mum let me have the branches with eggs dangling from them as a decoration for the playhouse. I think I accidently dropped one of them on the floor and it shattered. It made such a nice noise that I ended up dropping all the dozen carefully painted eggs on the floor and jumping on them with a friend who thought it was equally amusing past time. Needless to say, my mum was not too pleased to clean the playhouse afterwards...

It is funny how something that we used to be amazed about and watch it in complete awe and wonder becomes commonplace after a while. I had completely forgotten the excitement and amazement I felt watching my mum blow the eggs until I heard young sir pipe up when I was blowing eggs: 'Mum, that's amazing!!! How did you do it???'

It is so easy to forget the wonder of growing up. Everything is new. Everything is exciting. Everything is amazing.

Everything...the way how the eggs drop on the floor and shatter to little pieces...or how half a bottle of mummy's shampoo makes lots of bubbles in the bath...or ringing the bike bell all the way to school just for the fun of it...or...the list is endless...

It is easy to be grown up and boring, the challenge is to remain childlike and enjoy the little things in life!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The boy and his dog

Young sir is enjoying having a canine visitor. He is absolutely delighted about holding the lead when we are out with the dog. He loves 'training' Iska. The dog takes it all in very good humour, being ordered around by a five year old. The numerous treats that she is rewarded for her obedience by the generous little trainer probably help too!

The dog has given an outlet for young sir's bossiness...Iska, sit! Iska, down! Iska, come! Iska, cage! He has perfected the commanding tone to the tee. And as long as there are treats around he has a faithful follower too.