Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Spring...

Dear Spring,

Please come soon. I miss you. A lot.

This time last year, this was the birch tree in our garden. Tiny little leaves all over it. Today it is covered in frost and snow. I usually find the way people in England react to snow quite amusing but this is one of the rare occasions I have to say I agree with the general consensus 'No more snow please!'

March is usually a glorious month in England, even here up north. I love spring. The sun is warm. Crocuses, tulips and daffodils are blooming. The whole place is in stir with the excitement of warm spring days. Birds building nests and fruit trees blossoming.

Not this year. It is freezing. At least the high winds have calmed down so it is not as arctic as it was last weekend but still - I want to see the sun. Now.

One of the old boys in the allotment told my friend that the best thing to do is to sow everything in the first week of March and hope for the best. This year the ground has been pretty much frozen all March so there are no seeds in yet. This year I'll sow them when the sun comes out and hope for the best.

I want to see little seedlings growing on the allotment. I want to see the flurry of falling blossom rather than yet another snowflake.

So Spring, if you get my letter please hurry up!!!

Yours sincerely,

Monday, March 11, 2013

My film recommendation for the year

One of the definite signs of old age parenthood is that rather than looking forwards to the release date of a new film, you are actually counting the months until that film is finally released on DVD. And then you can sit on your sofa with a glass of wine in your hand and enjoy the film without having to worry about the length of the adverts like you do (or I do) in the cinema -as you don't want to be home too late for your babysitter!

I am praying for one of my sisters to marry a Geordie and move over here so I can have a babysitter around the corner*. Whilst waiting that to happen going to cinema is more like an annual event in the Lindsey household.

Last year we saw Skyfall, the year before The King's Speech and this year we have already used up our quota and seen Les Miserables. We saw a brilliant film called The Concert too not too long ago but not sure which year. The tagline in the advertisement was 'if you only see one film this year make sure it is this' - so we did and loved it. There might have been one or two more that we saw. I have a recollection of one of my sisters coming over (from Finland) to visit us and we went to cinema while she was here but can't remember which sister or which film so that doesn't count!

We have a lovely cinema in Newcastle with leather sofas and a bar so you can sit on the sofa there with a glass in your hand and worry about the length of the adverts, as you do when you have to be back on time for your babysitter...The building has well restored 1920s decor and reminds you about why you should go to cinema (if you had unlimited supply of babysitters).

Anyway, they have a lovely tearooms there too so when in town we quite often pop in there for a cuppa (and ice cream for young sir) and usually leaf through the brochure of films that are showing/coming soon. More than a year ago they were showing a film called Untouchable, a French film about disability based on a true story. And I really really really wanted to see it but didn't manage to do so.

Finally, it was out on DVD few weeks ago so we ordered it and watched it last weekend. It was brilliant. Definitely worth the wait. I have not laughed so much for years if ever when watching a film. It challenged the way we perceive disability but because it was true story it somehow made it feel right rather than provoking thoughts for the sake of it or poking fun. So if you only watch one film this year, my recommendation would be Untouchable (followed by the Concert).

*for the record, we do have couple of lovely babysitters who live around the corner and are very thankful for them but you can't really ask them to babysit as often as you could ask your sister!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The world book day is here...

My lovely sister-in-law made a comment last week that she was going to be Cat in the Hat for the World Book Day (WBD). And I thought nice idea. Monday came and and we got a weekly news letter home from school and that Thursday would be a dressy up day to celebrate the WBD. But somehow it didn't register in my brain that I needed to do something about this...

Not until last night about 10.30pm when I realised the dreaded WBD was here, few hours way and I had not even thought of a costume for young as well as I am not aspiring to be an alpha mum!

Good old google saved me. You get surprisingly long lists of ideas for costumes with both mumsnet and netmums having created their own advice sections dedicated to the delicate topic of WBD costume!

Before young sir started at nursery I had not even heard of the glorious event that is the WBD. In my defence, it was created way after I had left primary school ;) Last year I sent him in as a spiderman (the only costume he had) and my logic was that comics are a type of book so technically Spiderman is a book character.

After my extensive five minute googling my options were Mr Bump (blue clothes and bandages) or Wally of the Where's Wally fame (stripy top, hat and drawn on glasses). Young sir was not too enthused by my ideas when I presented them to him in the morning but opted for Mr Bump. He refused to have a bandage on his head and half way through dressing him up he asked if he could just go in his uniform...

Hey WBD in a dodgy costume probably doesn't change young sir's love affair with books...but it might make him wish that he's mother was slightly more forward planning on the costume front...