Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random ramblings about cats and dogs

Life is finally calming down after few weeks of craziness in the life of the Lindsey's. With my better half flying off to the other side of the planet for ten days for work and driving up and down the A1 like a yo-yo, we had rather hectic three weeks but it seems that the usual lull of life is returning our way :)

I have thought a lot about writing a nice thoughtful blog but haven't got around to it so here are some random ramblings instead.

Puppies grow an awful lot in a week. The pups were just opening their eyes when I left to come back up north and when I returned a week later they were bumbling about making little barks. Very sweet!

Young sir loved the pups. Thankfully he hasn't got to a stage yet where he would like to keep one!

We are dog sitting Iska, 13 month old border collie, whilst my mother-in-law is getting back on her feet.  Since her arrival the house has split into two separate territories...the feline kingdom is upstairs and the canine habits the downstairs. When I am upstairs the cat follows me around like a shadow and equally when I am downstairs the dog follows me around...both love company and cuddles.

They do say the curiosity killed the cat and so far the cat is definitely the more curious one. She has ventured down the steps couple of times but has chickened out before she got all the way down. The dog spends much of its time staring at the back fence - the local cat highway. Sure enough, about once in an hour a cat walks along and creates uncontainable excitement in the dog! I am kind of thinking the two kingdoms in this house will never get to a point of peaceful co-existance.

I'll keep you posted...

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