Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Continuing on the literature trajectory

Hobbyhorse warning...if you object to rants about random things please do not read any further!

I love story times with young sir. We usually have a bedtime story or two every night and a 'Jesus story'. Or if it has been a long day we just read a Jesus story.  He knows the drill and if you try to read just a story without a Jesus story he duly brings out the kids bible.

Couple of times a week we have a morning story too. As Mr L usually gets up early for work, young sir and I are awake hours before we need to leave for school and more often and not he climbs into our bed with an entourage of soft toys and few books under his arms. This morning the chosen reading was The Green Ship (absolutely love this book) and You choose (only I never get to choose what I would like to wear as young sir always chooses the most meringue like pink princess dress for me).

I have such wonderful memories of all of us snuggling together to read stories -usually fighting over who could be next to my mum (i.e. having the honoured task of turning over the page). Having such an age range of kids listening we usually had quite a few stories, both kiddy ones and ones without pictures for the older ones. Little house on the prerie and stories by James Herriot were my favourites as I got older. The advantage of having so many younger siblings is that I probably listened to bedtime stories for much longer than most of my other friends as there were always little ones wanting to hear a story :)

Now that's enough of reminiscing (plus I need to leave in ten minutes to pick young sir up from school). It's time for my hobby horse...children books that mix fiction and reality - to be more precise - books that have penguins and polar bears in the same story! I am all for fairy tales set in a magical wonderland where anything can happen.But for some reason every time I read a story set in a icy, snowy place that has penguins and polar bears together it makes me cringe and want to correct the writer.

And it is not limited to penguins. I once googled whether squirrels hibernate as one of young sir's library books suggested.(as they don't in my experience) but it turned out there were a type of squirrel that does hibernate.

So if you struggle to read books that mix the antarctic and arctic wildlife here are two to avoid: Malawa the seal pup and Penguin post. David Attenborough would not be happy reading them even though young sir seems to like them...but you have been warned ;)

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