Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The power of the written word

I have discovered a great truth this week. No matter how small you are, the published word carries an authority that your mother's voice doesn't.

Couple of years ago young sir got himself stuck in a pitch black toilet in a toddler group. Only for couple of minutes and after the tears had dried away he seemed quite happy. Perhaps unsurprisingly a few weeks after that he started wanting to have a light on at night time. No amount of assurance. kisses. cuddly toys or explaining would help. It didn't matter how many guardian angels I'd promise he'd have on his bedside - the light would have to be on. All night. If I sneaked in and turned it off (not that I would ever do such a thing...) it sure enough would be on when we woke up.

Finally, young sir has graciously told me I am allowed to turn the light off. Not because he has listened to my wonderful reasoning on why the light should not be on at night but because of a book. Yes, a book! A book that tells him that leaving the night on over night will use the same amount of energy than warming up water for 100 cups of tea!

Maybe it was the enormousness of the number or the fact that he can relate to the action of making a cup of tea but he took the advice in. So from now on, young sir sleeps in the dark. To save energy. He even reminds me to turn the light off so I can make 100 cups of tea.

Not that I am particularly keen to make a hundred cups of tea, one will do just fine thank you. I am however wondering about finding out how much self publishing books costs as it might turn out to be a handy way of getting my message across to young sir in years to come if talking doesn't work ;)


Hannanen said...

Ihana pikku Henrik, sun blogiteksteistä tulee kyllä aina niin hyvälle tuulelle

Ali Ryder said...

Love it!