Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Patience is a virtue...

...or so the saying goes anyway. If that's the case, I have been suffering from bouts of virtueless recently! I used to think I was a patient person. I would have probably gone as far as saying being patient is one of my strengths...

...or was before young sir arrived. I am sure he thinks part of his mission on this earth is to test my patience. And more often than not I find myself falling short of what I would like to be. I can happily wait for a dough to rise for an hour but somehow doodling on the way to school for few minutes can drive me potty. The cold spell has not helped my lack of patience as there are many mounts of snow to be explored!

I am starting to think that patience is a virtue that grows by choices we make. In any situation we have the choice to be patient or impatient. We don't just miraculously become patient, we choose be patient and by the choices we make our patience grows or doesn't grow. I'm preaching to myself here ;)

Patience is a fruit of the spirit. So the logic follows if you have the spirit in you, you also have patience in you. Yet we also need to cultivate that fruit by the choices we make otherwise it stays as a seed with the potential of a fruit rather than actual fruit in our lives.

My challenge for the this month is to learn to be more patient. My plan of action so far is counting to ten rather than automatically shouting 'hop hop'* when young sir stops to examine the nth stick or rock on the way to school. Other suggestions on how to grow my patience are very gratefully received.

* hurry up

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