Thursday, January 10, 2013

To be a grown up or not...

We had a lovely visit to Finland before Christmas for my little sister's wedding. After the wedding we stayed with one of my other little sisters for few days. (Yes, I do probably hold the award for most little sisters anyone I know!) Hanna is super talented*, cooking, baking, photography, jewellery making - you name it, she can do it!

We'd thought for a while it would be nice to have some family photos taken so whilst staying with Hanna and her lovely husband we took advantage of her talent and had a little photo shoot in the snow.

Lovely idea wasn't it...only young sir was more interested in messing about in the snow than posing. So one of the pics out of the shoot was this one - where I look about ready to strangle young sir and he is completely oblivious to my frustration and just flashes the loveliest cheeky smile he can to the camera!

My sister got some lovely shots. Maybe I should have joined young sir in messing about in the snow rather than tried to be grown up and serious and focus on posing, not getting snow in my shoes etc...sometimes I forget so easily that in the end of the day most things don't matter, only I somehow end up thinking that they do!

*so are my other sisters, all eight of them - just for the record :)

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