Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Burst of craftiness

I love wooden floors. I love rugs. I love rugs on wooden floors. Some time ago I found this lovely company that makes the most adorable braided rugs. I wanted one. I still want one or maybe two...

Meanwhile I decided to try to make one. In the summer cottage we have these little braided round rugs made out of old coffee bags of all things made lovingly long long time ago some unknown relative. So if someone could make a rug like that donkeys years ago without the help of a sewing machine or internet, I was determined that I could make one (with the help of the sewing machine and the internet).  

Step 1. Cutting up the yarn:
I discovered this tutorial from the wondrous world of pinterest on how to make yarn from old t-shirts
So step number one was to cut up lots (=5) of old t-shirts - one evening gone.

Step 2. Braiding:
Next I spent another jolly evening braiding them all together. I'd like to say that decided to have navy in all of the braids to give some uniformity to the rug but the truth is that I had two navy t-shirts and one of each beige, white and baby blue so having blue in all of the braids was a way of making sure I didn't get left with mountainous pile of blue yarn!

Step 3:
Sewing it all together. Pick the braid you want to start with and just go for it. Double over the tail of the braid, zigzag together on your widest zigzag and then just keep going around and around...for a long long time...

And voila - three evenings later you have a braided rug :) 

My tension is slightly wonky at places so the rug doesn't fly completely flat in the middle but I am guessing with few months of jumping on by young sir it will be nicely stretched and forever flat. It is about doormat size. I'd like to make a bigger one for the hall but not sure if I have enough rejected t-shirts to make one...

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