Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - random ramblings and a confession

After weeks of silence on Ten on Tuesday front, here is my offering of random ramblings. Also a warning for the faint hearted: this blogpost contains a graphic image of a rather poorly looking knee.

1. Young sir wrote a letter to Santa. It included many expected items like lego or a fast plane. And few unexpected items like huggable teddy and pair of glasses.

2. After being told that you only were glasses if you can't see properly he has been telling me daily that he can't see properly...bless

3. I am usually anti Nigella when looking for a recipe (far too extravagant and fancy ingredients being my main problem) however, I have found one where her extravagance has resulted in one of the yummiest cakes ever...hazelnut cake...8 egg whites, 280 grams of hazelnuts, orange and lemon zest, sugar, 00 flour and boy it tastes nice!

4. Owning an ice cream maker (and using it regularly) presents me with a problem of left over egg whites...which is not really a problem as I make meringues but now with the discovery of the hazelnut cake recipe I have a new way of disposing the unwanted egg whites

5. It snowed ever so slightly yesterday and young sir was straight outside playing in the snow, the excitement levels will be uncontainable when we get to Finland!

6. We are making or recycling Christmas presents with my siblings this year...brilliant idea but it takes surprisingly long time to make them!

7. Henrik has been making presents for his aunties too...I knew there was a reason why I brought dozen empty glass yogurt jars back from France...

8. Now that you know I have hobbyhorses, here's another one I would like to introduce...parents pushing a pram wearing hat and gloves whilst the baby sitting in the said implement has neither!

9. Hobbyhorses are dangerous. On the way back from school I came across a culprit that set me thinking about the above hobbyhorse and what a wonderful blog it would make (ie. give me an opportunity to rant) and before I knew it I had hit a patch of black ice and skated across the road on all fours! Got a rather gruesome graze as well...lots of tlc needed tonight.

10. As my poorly knee suggest, the old saying pride comes before the fall seems to be true so I truly apologise for yesterday's rant on people driving their darlings to school when the weather is bad. I now acknowledge that it can be dangerous at times...especially if you are not paying attention to where you are going! But still...

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