Tuesday, November 06, 2012

So fragile and so strong

Life is a funny thing. I take it for granted yet I know it is limited. Only I forget. Often.

Last week we got news of a friend having cancer again. It is inoperable and terminal according to the doctors. In the midst of all the darkness of the news, the only glimmer of light is faith. 

I believe God can heal.

I believe in miracles. Even if I don't understand how, when or why they happen.

I believe in life after death even without the logic of Pascal's wager convincing me.

I believe my prayers can make a difference.

I believe the prayers of the church family will make a difference. 

I believe because I rather have the hope of life than the fear of death as my focus.

I believe God will heal Rebekah and bless her with long life so that she will see her children's children.

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