Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Smiley sunflowers

Young sir has a great little book called Billy's sunflower that tells a story of little boy growing the tallest sunflower in the world. It is a sweet little story touching upon the cycle of life and seasons. Since Young sir planted sunflower seeds on the allotment, it has been read at regular intervals and he has been determined to grow the tallest sunflower in the world. As tall as daddy.

Last year, we went to RHS Wisley. It was teddy bear's picnic so the whole place was crawling with kids and their teddies. Young sir took his duck. We had a great day wondering around, admiring the gardens and eating our picnic of course. One of the things we saw was sunflowers that had some of the seeds removes to make smiley faces.Young sir loved them.

Fast track a year to last weekend. The weather was glorious so we spent all Saturday on the allotment, apart from quick lunchtime trip to the chippy. Completely out of blue, Young sir asked if he could give his sunflower a smiley face like the ones we had seen. More than a year ago...It took me quite a while to even realise what he was talking about! I'd forgotten completely.

On hearing yes, he created the cutest little smiley sunflower. He is a genius. And I am very biased :)

Happy smiley Wednesday one and all!!!


Anonymous said...

Tosi suloisia auringonkukkia! :) Hyvä Henrik!

T: Marianna, Espoosta

The Lindseys said...

Kiitos :)