Monday, October 29, 2012

You need a twinkle in the eye

We had a little excursion yesterday to see some Nato warships that were moored up on the Tyne. Young sir was delighted. Climbing up and down gangways and ladders. Inspecting the guns of all sort. Ringing the ships bell. Five of the vessels were minehunters so they had all sort of little underwater vehicles with propellers, thrusters and buttons - made me think of Thunderball. And there were few young sailors in their uniforms about too ;)

On the side of one of the vessels was a picture of the unfortunate squirrel from the Ice Age films hugging a mine. Some would probably say you are making fun of a serious issue by having a picture like that.

I think not. Sense of humour and laughter is important. Being able to see the funny side in difficult and hard things that we are going through makes them more bearable. Research suggest that laughter can reduce blood pressure and stress. Having a silly picture on a side of the boat doesn't reduce the seriousness of the work they do but it does remind you that having a smile on your face makes your day and others much more enjoyable than a miserable frown.

So my mission for today is to look for things to smile about rather than frown about.

Happy smiley Monday to everyone :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crinkled love

The desk in the study is by a window commanding a view of our street and the pedestrian street opposite.  When I'm working from home, I feel like a nosy neighbour, sitting there, staring out of the window...waiting for the inspiration to come...or just trying to decide whether certain sentence would be better starting with however or furthermore - and usually coming to the conclusion that it is probably best without either!

 As I've spend a long time writing recently (thesis does that to you), I've also become expert about the comings and goings on the street. A little old lady who does a daily food shop at the same time every day, mums and toddlers wondering past on their way to the park, man taking his dog for a walk.

Today, I saw an old couple walking own the street. Holding hands. And it tugged the strings of my heart. There was something in the way they looked at each other smiling.

She wore black leather gloves. He was tall. Both of them still had a spring in their step that the drooping shoulders and greying hair had not banished.

They held hands. Not because they were old and crinkly and needed to lean on each other for support. But because they had love.

Even I, from my spy-spot could sense it. Theirs wasn't a youthful flirtation or passionate romance - the idea of love often sold to us in films. Theirs was love that had been tested through years and it had weathered the storms and grown stronger.

The years of companionships, sharing laughter and tears, the ups and downs of life and loving each other more than the day before. That is what makes love real. Love is not a glamourous couple falling in love on the screen. Love is an old couple walking down the street hand in hand.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Smiley sunflowers

Young sir has a great little book called Billy's sunflower that tells a story of little boy growing the tallest sunflower in the world. It is a sweet little story touching upon the cycle of life and seasons. Since Young sir planted sunflower seeds on the allotment, it has been read at regular intervals and he has been determined to grow the tallest sunflower in the world. As tall as daddy.

Last year, we went to RHS Wisley. It was teddy bear's picnic so the whole place was crawling with kids and their teddies. Young sir took his duck. We had a great day wondering around, admiring the gardens and eating our picnic of course. One of the things we saw was sunflowers that had some of the seeds removes to make smiley faces.Young sir loved them.

Fast track a year to last weekend. The weather was glorious so we spent all Saturday on the allotment, apart from quick lunchtime trip to the chippy. Completely out of blue, Young sir asked if he could give his sunflower a smiley face like the ones we had seen. More than a year ago...It took me quite a while to even realise what he was talking about! I'd forgotten completely.

On hearing yes, he created the cutest little smiley sunflower. He is a genius. And I am very biased :)

Happy smiley Wednesday one and all!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - bacon and logs

I will blog today, I will blog today...I will least I'll try. Maybe not all the way to ten but some is better than none! I've had lots of wonderful ideas for ten, only I have not written them down as I trusted my wonderful memory...

 1. For years I could not see the point of sausages or baked beans and merely tolerated bacon. However I have long since seen the error of my ways and now think all three are vital for happiness and general well-being especially as part of the culinary delight that is English breakfast.

2. On Saturday morning we did our duty and supported the local butcher by purchasing some bacon and sausages and had a proper breakfast. Even attempted making hash browns...Yummee.

 3. Fry up is a bit like fish pie, both taste absolutely delicious but sometimes you wonder if the number of pans you need to wash up afterwards is worth the effort...until you remember the existence of dishwasher and sun shines again ;)

 4. When I was growing up we had chores. The house was divided into different 'zones' and each one of us had a certain zone as their responsibility for that week. I think the washing up one was always my least favourite yet somehow filling the dishwasher was never as much chore as having to wash something up.

 5. The alarm is set to radio four but we usually turn it off very quickly (to stop me getting too excited about any of my education related hobby horses that early in the morning!) however young sir seems to think it is some sort of a morning treat to come and cuddle next to us, turn the radio back on and listen to it. He will have a shock the day he discovers other kids are allowed to watch ceebeebies...

 6. Punctuality is becoming my middle name. One month of school behind and we have been on time every morning. I wish my own teachers could see me now!

 7. We have a woodshed. Built by my amazing and ever so handy hubby.

8. We also have a cubic meter of logs to burn, stacked by my own fair hands yesterday. All 200 of them. And I only got two splinters in the process. There was a reason why the log delivery man had thick leather gloves on! My choice was between my cycling gloves (that arrived earlier that morning and were nice and shiny) or mittens. I went for the mittens...

9. Politicians tickle my sense of humour quite often (or annoy me immensely - it's either one or the other really, depending on what they are talking about!) Anyway, I found Ed Miliband's proposed vocational baccalaureate this morning quite amusing considering it was his party that was so keen for everyone to go to university to start with.

10. We are making Christmas presents for each other with my siblings this year. Wonderful idea.    Apart from I don't know what to make...ideas anyone?

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