Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...time flies

Serious omission in blogging over the last 'few' weeks so I am determined not to make it a month without blogging and I'll scrape together a hasty ten. It won't be as touching and thoughtful as Helen's post last week which left me wishing I could write like her and be as honest and vulnerable as she is!

Much has happened so here's not very deep whirlwind tour of things since the last post.

1. We went to the zoo. It was bank holiday weekend so we queued for about 75 minutes to get in. But it was sunny and we had uncle Mark and lovely Jen to keep us company so all was well.

2. Since the zoo visit the most requested bedtime story has been Topsy and Tim go to the zoo!

3. Whilst at Mark&Jen's young sir came up with a corker announcing that 'if you have short hair, you are smart'. A fair conclusion to make as people usually say to him after a hair cut (i.e. when your hair is short) 'don't you look smart!' I love hte way how his little mind connects things at times.

4. Young sir started school last week. So far so good. He loves wearing his uniform and he looks pretty cute in it.

5. I have to confess to posting the obligatory first day in uniform picture on Facebook - but how could I resist??? Especially as we never had school uniforms in Finland so they are 'exotic and exciting' - or so I think until next year when I need to start ironing the proper shirt that he'll have to wear in year one. I wonder what age you are allowed to teach kids to iron...

6. V*-day came and went and I passed with minor corrections. I surprisingly did actually enjoy the viva even though they didn't ask any of the questions that I'd expected!

7. The first swimming lesson of the new term took place on Friday. Young sir is in group of seven little lads, all wanting to be first at everything!

8. The excitement this week has been school lunches. I am not actually sure what he had yesterday. He had sweetcorn and carrots and a yogurt but not sure what the main part of the meal was!

9. Being a boring mum concerned with good manners and with words of affirmation as one of my main love languages I asked him if he said thank you to the dinner ladies to which he replied that he'd forgotten to take his 'thank yous' with him, he'd left them in his bedroom, as you do. Today when we were walking towards his classroom he happily told me that he'd got the 'thank yous' with him today.

10. It is my first week post viva and I haven't got the list of recommended corrections through yet so I am enjoying being lady of leisure for the time being - it is weird getting up in the morning and not spending the day studying!

As usual - other lovely ladies who've hopefully had time to sit down and write a ten on tuesday are HelenSarah, Jo, Lucy & Hannah.

* viva - oral examination for PhD


mamadeano said...

HI, lovely to read your 10. I hadn't realised you were doing one too, will link up this week a little more effectively ! :)

The Lindseys said...

I do try :) but had a bit of a gap for quite a few weeks so easily missed! Now that young sir is at school full time I have no excuse not to so hopefully will be a bit more regular with my ten :)