Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - cake, canines and cat

1. Young sir turned five on Friday. I know it is a cliche but time has flown! I am sure it was only a moment ago he was a teeny, tiny baby...

2. Young sir requested fish and chips, donuts and cheese for his birthday supper. I love fish chips so I obliged very happily :)

3. For months Young sir has been telling that he would like to have a spiderman cake for his birthday. I was dreading making it but I'd done my research and googled spiderman cake images, picked one that didn't look too complicated that I'd attempt to make. Alas on Thursday night he spotted some Lighting McQueen sugar figures in the supermarket and changed his mind. The end result was a racing track with luminous green grass (desiccated coconut turned green with some food colouring) on the sides.

4. On Saturday Young Sir had his first proper(ish) birthday party. So far we've had a little party at home with a few of his friends but being at school nursery last year introduced him to a whole new way of celebrating (=a soft play full of screaming kids). The church has bouncy castle and lots of space to run around so we had his party there. The plan was some bouncing, food and games led by amazing Jackie. And it went well - so well that Young sir wants to do the same next year.

5. David's mum came up over the weekend. She had been to a dog show in Ripon and came to visit us after which was lovely.

6. The cat did not agree. At all. One look of her canine friends and she scampered. Very fast. And was not seen for 48 hours!

7. The dogs were very keen to make friends with the C-A-T and kept considerable amount of time staring out to the corner of the garden where they had last seen the puss.

8. On her return the cat was very pleased to see even Young sir with whom she usually has a hate-hate relationship. He gave her a nice long cuddle and she did not try to escape.

9. I like writing my blog but I am very bad at reading blogs (apart from those written by people I know and especially my sisters). I do try every now and then but usually fail because the posts are a) too long, b) not funny, c) too serious all the time*, d) all of the above. There are two exceptions: Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron (whose post on parenting last month I loved) and Jamie, the very worst missionary.

9.5 My posts probably fall to the all of the above category too often but thankfully I have lots of sisters who will read my posts regardless of me boring their pants off. I love my sisters!

10. One of the most listened albums in our house at the moment is On the Shores (by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser) and this is one of my favourite songs from it

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*occasional seriousness is good - like all things, it needs to be in moderation!


päivi said...

It's true, we read your blogs no matter what you write :)

The Lindseys said...

Thank you :)