Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - starring young sir as usual and few visitors

After few weeks of silence, I finally managed to get another ten together. I have been thinking about doing it, even had couple of semi-witty thoughts about what to write, alas I've forgotten them all so here is just a little update on the goings on of the Lindsey household instead.

1. I picked the right night to do a bedtime story over the weekend. I overheard young sir saying to daddy 'I am going to choose the longest book in the world'

2. The logic of young sir sometimes astounds me, I guess I should not really be surprised, especially when it comes to finishing his dinner...'Is there pudding mummy?' has a great impact on the likelihood of him cleaning his plate, at times he even weighs up the pudding on offer and the food on the plate and if the pudding is not attractive enough he chooses not to finish his food.

3. We've had busy week and a bit with family and friends visiting. It's been lovely and the house feels very empty with everyone gone!

4. Visitors mean outings so young sir and I had a very busy week with various excursions. Hadrian's wall, Durham cathedral, IKEA (=breakfast and ice cream), Allen Banks, beach...

Walking along Hadrian's wall

6. After the rains that we've had recently Allen Banks was quite muddy and young sir has an affinity to marching through mud, fine when you are wearing wellies - not so fine when you got doodles on! So to save the shoes (=reduce the time it would take me to clean them afterwards) I bribed offered a prize of sweeties if he walked to the car without getting his shoes any muddier. My brilliant idea backfired on me and he didn't want to go through the mud as he did not want to loose his bribe prize...

7. One of the mud patches we came across was enourmous. I think I got the short straw with the wriggling boy (who was worried that I would drop him in and he would loose his sugary reward) and the camera - at least I had my reefs on so I could go and rinse my muddy feet and be told by  young sir that I would not get a prize as I got muddy! 

8. I also filled my sisterly duty by introducing my oldest younger sister to Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (following our visit to Sycamore Gap) and Top Gun (how could she have lived without hearing the great 80s her difference, she was one when the film came out...)

9. Dilemma that I have with having eight younger sisters is how do I talk about them to people who don't know them. I usually opt out for 'one of my sisters' which implies that I have more than one but don't go into details - unless it's my youngest sister and then I usually say 'my youngest sister'. Is there some etiquette of how to refer to your siblings that I am not aware off?

10. With young sir starting school I am entering an alien territory of school uniforms (they do not exist in Finland). I am more than half way down the list with trousers (grey), polo shirts (white), jumpers (navy with school logo), school shoes (black or brown, young sir chose black), PE shoes (black) ticked off the list. I only have PE shorts (navy), socks (grey), gym bag (any colour you like) and wellies (again any colour you like) left to get. We had dress rehearsal for my sister and oh my, he was so grown up!

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The Lindseys said...

Update on the school uniform front - after a trip to Sainsbury's the only thing left to get is a gym bag :)

Lucy said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. I'll add you to my reading list. Lucy x

The Lindseys said...

Thank you Lucy! I got the link to your blog from Helen's, it's always nice to read other mums' adventures :)