Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - the travellers are back

I have not been lazy (apart from last week) but we've been away in sunny France for couple of weeks hence no posts on the blog for a while. Up to few days before the holiday the plan was to go to the South West but the weather forecast looked unsettled and we decided to head for France instead. As nice as cream teas are you can't beat pan au chocolates for breakfast! So here are ten on tuesday strongly featuring the holiday.

1. Daddy is in at the moment in big style. In the mornings as we wave daddy off to work the whole street can hear young sir shouting: "I'm your best friend daddy!" Very sweet. Here's some daddy love from Arc the Triomphe.

2. We spent few days in Paris, they had been talking about France in nursery for the couple of weeks before we went away and young sir had become aware of such a thing as Eiffel tower existing so off we went to see it. made us feel old as the last time we were in Paris was 10 years ago when we were students...time flies...

3. After Paris we headed down to the Cevennes in Languedoc-Rousillon. On the way we crossed the Millau viaduct. Very impressive!

4. Whilst we were admiring Cirque de Navacelles, the largest canyon in Europe according to the leaflets from the tourist information, my little sister was on road trip across US admiring the Grand Canyon...

5. The campsite was by the river Herault so we spent a lot of time splashing in the river. It had some quite deep pools so you could dive in as well as shallower bits for the little ones.

6. Young sir was fascinated by the camera on a tripod and we had some fun taking 'potraits' of us with the timer and young sir pressing the button before dashing into the photo.

7. For young sir ice cream and swimming were the main things about the holiday. 

8. For the sun deprived parents the opportunity to feel the warmth of the sun was greatly appreciated.

9. Our lovely next door neighbours lent us their tomtom. When we got off the ferry in Dover it was nice to be able to ask for directions to 'home' knowing it would take us to within 5 metres of our front door :)

10. And last but not least the non-holiday related item. Young sir was hoovering his room yesterday (the prize for tidying up all the toys off the floors - long may it last) and I started wondering after a while why he was taking such a long time to do turns out he was trying to fill an empty balloon up with the hoover...'But this air is not working mummy!'

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