Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - tonsillitis and phonics

1. I now know what are the symptoms of tonsillitis. I'd never had it so when young sir was complaining about sore throat, hurting neck, tummy pains and had temperature I was completely puzzled for the lack of runny nose and cough (which are essential parts of my standard diagnosis of cold). On day two of extremely poorly child I saw his swollen tonsils when he was talking to me and I had an 'aha' moment.

2. The on-call doctor made young sir's day by giving him a sweetie and prescribing ice cream and a 10 day course of not so nice tasting penicillin.

3. After few unsuccessful (=spat out) spoonfuls of the medicine we resorted to the method of holding his mouth open whilst tilting his head up so he can't spit it out. He now holds his head up with his little hands by himself. I could probably tell him that he doesn't need to do it if he is not planning to spit the medicine out but it looks rather sweet.

4. Young sir is fascinated by cameras and whilst he was off nursery with the tonsillitis he played around with the old little digital camera we have and here are few of his shots:

 Watching moomins

 Cat eating

 Daddy leaving for work

 Self portrait

Kitchen table

5. We were given the five love languages book when we got engaged and found it very helpful. David's house group spoke about them some time ago too. Since we've noticed hints of young sir's love language and the contenders are words of affirmation and physical touch.

6. In his swimming lessons on Friday, he kept turning around sticking his thumbs up every time he did something to check if I thought he had done ok and if I stuck my thumbs up, he did a little celebration waving both of his arms around madly. Definitely words (actions) of affirmation coming through there :)

7. Yesterday morning we woke up to a quite an interesting exchange on radio four about phonics. It had some class lines but the best one of them all was 'pro phonics only person' saying "Mary is confused at lots and lots of different levels" to a lady who had PhD in phonics and was actually agreeing with phonics but dared to suggest it being used in conjunction with other methods!

8. The excitement from the allotment this week - I found eight parsnip seedlings after I'd completely given up hope on them and was about to dig up the bed and plant something else instead - thankfully the weather has been miserable so I hadn't had time to do so yet!

9. Young sir saw the olympic 'lamp' on Friday, the route went behind the school so they all lined up on a little hill on the school grounds and waved and cheered as it went past. One of the torch bearers came into the classroom with the torch too but much to young sir's disappointment there was no flame.

10. Some of you may have seen this picture of a little lamb being rescued on facebook. Three friends were out testing a new camera when they noticed a lamb in the water being tossed by waves amongst the rocks. Needless to say, the new camera got tested with these images of the rescue that have gone around the world! If you know Norwegian you can read of the rescue attempt here (or use google translate). There is something very touching about the images, just reminds me that we all need a helping hand or two at times!

Photos by Vetle Farstad

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