Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - introducing pedalling Speedy Gonzalez

Last week the combination of Jubilee bank holidays, half term and laziness lead to no Ten on Tuesday but this week I have no excuse so here we go:

1. The most exciting news is that young sir has learnt to cycle without stabilisers. He was fast before, now there is no stopping him! I can just imagine him repeating to himself 'I am speed, I am speed' a'la Lighting McQueen as he pedals along.

2. I heard something interesting on radio four this morning and thought it would make a nice sophisticated point for the blog - only I've forgotten what it was...oh'll just need to take my word for it being something fascinating and interesting that I thought you'd enjoy reading...6.30am is too early anyway to retain any information.

3. I have made my second Herman the German. The first time we thought it was nice but not worth the ten days of feeding and stirring. The second time the verdict was still the same. Nice but nothing special.

4. My last years Californian poppies are putting on an amazing display on the allotment - just as well as nothing else seems to be growing this year.

5. Correction to the above: the retired old boys who spend all their days on the allotment have plenty of things growing but without greenhouse to nurse the seedlings and only limited time at hand the only thing that is doing well is potatoes.

6. The potatoes are doing so well in fact that we are tempted to plant an other bed of them...roasted tatters...mmmm...if there is one thing the English should be given credit for is the creation of roast potato...just the thought of crispy golden potatoes with lashings of gravy gets me salivating...

7. I love quirky stories in the news. This morning my eye was caught by this story of a vicar who is walking from Surrey to Holy Island to raise money for the modernisation of his church. You can follow his progress here.

8. After nearly six years in the North East we finally managed to have a day out in Durham (=one of the things we thought would be lovely to do before we moved up). It rained, a lot. But never mind, the cathedral was still magnificent and Henrik had fun running around the cloisters.

9. The wet (un-summer like) weather we are having is putting a bit of a damper on our plans to go camping down in the South West for two weeks at the end of this month...plan b is under serious consideration!!!

10. One of the things that amused me endlessly when I first moved over to England was how it was generally considered almost criminal to have the heating on outside October-March/April period. I have to confess to committing the unpardonable sin of having the heating on in June, yes, in June! What can I say in my defence apart from...IT WAS FREEZING!!!

And on that cheerful note, it is time to finish. If you want to read more Ten on Tuesdays have a look of what HelenSarah, Jo, Lucy & Hannah got to say for themselves.

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