Friday, June 15, 2012

Mary's Meals

Little things make a big difference. Martha Payne, a school girl from Scotland, started a blog about her school lunches which became an internet sensation. She had a link to a charity giving page for charity called Mary's Meals and has raised over £2000 - wow! Not bad for taking pictures of your school meal :)

The charity she supports is pretty amazing too. Young sirs school lunches will cost us £9.75 per week (I don't trust my ability to keep lunch boxes interesting so it will be school lunches all the way until his old enough to make his own lunch). But only for £10.70 you will feed a child for a whole school year in the developing country!

There idea is simple, partner with school to provide a hot meal for the kids. School admissions go up as coming to school means getting a meal. Education levels go up and the benefit ends up being far wider than just feeding a hungry child. They change the whole community.

For the cost of less than most of us spend on mobile phone bills a month you can make a difference too!

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