Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - sunshine and sand

1. Aaah...the is glorious while it lasts...which usually isn't long enough so we've learnt to make the most of it whilst it is here :)

2. Inspired by the hot weather and family visiting I made some rhubarb ice cream and strawberry ice cream over the weekend - just a thought of them makes me salivate...I love my ice cream maker

3. On Saturday we explored further north - only to Morpeth and Druridge Bay with our visitors and found a pub that had an amazingly varied menu and delicious food - the boys ate kangaroo (didn't write that in Henrik's home school diary)

4. Next to lovely ice cream, the best thing on a hot day is the beach and we are spoiled for nice beaches around here, Druridge Bay is one of our favourites, even on a busy day it was not crowded at all

5. Young sir collected some shells to bring home, they are nicely arranged on his shelves whilst there is mountain of sand on the floor where he emptied his shell container...

6. I had first Pimm's of the summer on Saturday, there is something special about the first one and it tasted just as good as I remembered

7.  I've enjoyed being lady of leisure but I am slowly starting the preparation for the viva and job hunting. There are few jobs that have looked quite interesting and some that are just not my cup of tea requiring 'a strong commitment to the study of human adenocarcinoma' or 'demonstrate experience with human or non-human behaviour and electrophysiology'.

8. We've been listening to cd with prayers for kids, I had enough of miss Polly had a Dolly and needed a change! We got the cd years ago when we were in the school of the heart in Toronto and it's finally come to use.

9. The only downside (if you can call it that) is the overwhelming amount of questions young sir has about the prayers...'what does amen mean', 'what is revelation', 'what is the truth'...if Socrates didn't know what truth is, how am I supposed to know it!!!

10. The cd has the Lord's prayer and young sir duly asked about 'why it says our father in heaven', I must have explained it somewhat satisfactorily but got stuck for what to say to the next question 'where is our heavenly mother then?' - I wonder how many years I have to wait before I can reply with 'ask Peter on Sunday'??? Soon hopefully

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sarah said...

hi, thanks for taking part in ten on tuesdays

The Lindseys said...

Thanks :) I love the idea and have really enjoyed writing them xx