Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - cleaning your guns...

1. They have been talking about dentists at nursery. I think young sir had missed some of it though as he told me that 'children have milk teeth and grown ups have false teeth'...he also proudly announced that we need to 'clean our guns'!

2. Last Sunday we had the first service back in the old new church and it is looking fantastic! Exciting times ahead :)

3. The school fair is coming up, I have been a lazy parent and completely forgotten to sell any raffle tickets - I found them buried under piece of paper on the notice board the other day...

4. Everything is relative - if you want to know how relative have a look of this.

5. Allotment is turning out to be a complete washout this year. It's been so cold and rainy that none of the seeds I've planted so far have germinated. At least the potatoes are growing so we'll have something to dig up.

6. I am finding it very weird not to have any work to do since submission. I felt almost guilty watching tv the first night rather than sitting on the computer typing away!

7. We went for a walk in Chopwell woods weekend before last and had a lovely wonder/cycle around. I'd said we'd see some squirrels and thankfully we spotted two to make young sir's day.

8. The bathroom is nearing completion. Last weekend David whitewashed the floors and they look amazing!

9. We had the chiminea on with the youth last night and cooked some stick buns - lovely memories from scouts camps of eating burned from the outside raw from the inside buns - my skills of cooking on open fire must have improved as I managed to cook it properly without it being completely charred...yum :)

10. I discovered that my wonderful husband is 'saving the mankind' according to channel 5 programme that featured one of the vehicles designed at his work...

Here's Helen with her ten which are amazing as usual


Eeva said...

Hieno vessa teilla :) ja kiva paivitys.

The Lindseys said...

Kiitos :) vahan on viela maalausta jaljella mutta muuten se alkaa olla jo valmis. Suihkukin on kaytossa 2kk tauon jalkeen...outoa pesta tukkaa suihkussa ammeessa pesun jalkeen!