Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday has come too quickly for me to get up to ten!

Bank Holidays mess up the order of the week and it does not feel like Tuesday today. I am struggling to think of Ten so here is seven instead :)

1. My explanations about Easter Bunny seem not to have had much impact. When young sir got his egg on Easter Sunday he sure enough asked if Easter Bunny had hidden it in the garden...

2. Young sir was so pleased with his egg that he was "so happy that my heart is bursting". Bless!

3. He was also fascinated by the idea of Jesus dying on the cross and came up with numerous questions including: How many times has Jesus died? Is he dead now? When is his birthday? How old is Jesus? Easter Bunny is definitely easier to explain ;)

4. Note to self - when you are buying a toilet, make sure you buy a seat for it as well. After three days of having a newly installed toilet, without a toilet seat, we are back to the luxurious world of toilet with a seat - it's the little things that make a difference...

5. We are undecided on what colour to paint the bathroom, but as we are yet to get a new bath that is a minor concern at the moment.

6. Tonight at story time young sir wanted to read both Chuggington and Thomas the Tank Engine. In my books Thomas definitely wins with expressions like "bird brain", "dizzy thing", "lazywings" and having a Fat Controller. Poor Chuggington's main attraction is the pretty pictures. But young sir likes both...

7. I've got four weeks until submission - the countdown is I am off to spend the evening with the thesis rather than trying to think of three more things to say :)

Here's link to Helen and others through her page to see if they've been more successful in getting to ten after the-chocolate filled-weekend-haze than I have

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