Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ten on Tuesday with snow whirling horizontally past the window

1. The logic of little people is a mystery. I made a rhubarb-cinnamon cake few days ago. Young sir missed his slice the first day as he got off the table without finishing his meal *cruel parents*. The following evening he was glued to his chair until the cake appeared. He happily declared: "I love rhubarb cake but I don't like rhubarb" - no paradox to him, just a fact

2. I am not sure f I which I dislike more, people who don't clean up after their dogs or people who clean up after their dogs but then leave the little bags hanging from branches or gateposts!

3. I planted some fritillaria bulbs last autumn. Some in the borders and some in the lawn. The ones on the lawn got quickly flattened by the budding football star but the ones in the borders faired  a bit better. I love their unusual pattern and how the colours complement my hellebores.

4. My bread maker is on top of the list of my essential kitchen gadgets. I can be domestic goddess without having to do any kneading. Freshly made rolls, homemade pizza dough - the machine does it all. I had some fun experimenting with poppy seeds and bread rolls on Saturday.

5. Owning an old man's car (read: big, green rover) is a blessing in disguise. The allotments are by a cul-de-sac street with parking on one side and turning point in the end. Last week I drove to the allotment (shamefully increasing the carbon footprint of my veggies) and noticed there was a car in the turning point. There was only one parking spot left on the street so I parked, only to realise that the car in the turning point had been intending to do the same! So when he finally got to the allotments after finding a spot on another street, I apologised for pinching his parking spot. To which he replied:'no, it was some chap who parked in it'. Obviously, a woman with a young child can not possibly drive a big, green rover!

6. Related to number 5. Driving a big, green rover is a disadvantage in roundabouts. People assume you are old and have slow reaction times and try to sneak in front of you...

7. Young sir is overly excited about the snow being forecast for over Easter. He wants to check the 'weathercast' every morning. And finally today, it arrived. Cold. Wet. Freezing. Did I mention cold? And out he went for a total of 10 seconds after which he came in and announced he needed a hot chocolate.

8. Whilst I am very excited of the first spear appearing in the asparagus bed we planted last year and will be even more excited next year when I can harvest them for the first time!

9. My handy helper is experimenting with alternative ways to dry the laundry. Here's the double decker:

10. There was an interesting guy interviewed on Radio 4 this morning, Stephen Fear, the first entrepreneur in residence at the British Library. He sounded really nice, down to earth and genuinely excited about being able to help others to reach their dreams. Very inspiring!

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