Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Thinking about Ten on Tuesday

Lovely Helen challenged me to do Ten on Tuesday in her last week's instalment. I had been tempted to try one before but hadn't moved beyond procrastination. So yesterday was Tuesday. And it came and went. I had all good intentions to try my first attempt of Ten on Tuesday. But I failed. At 10pm I was still staring at my literature review and suffering from scrambled brain syndrome. So Ten on Tuesday turned into sitting on a sofa sipping a tiny glass of port and watching the news.

So here is One on Wednesday instead:

1. Young Sir has been learning to 'draw' his name at school and at a recent parents evening his lovely teacher encouraged us to encourage him with his phonics. Young sir had for a while been saying things like h for Henrik (which we understood), kicking k (which we figured out) and blowing to his hands and saying he was out of breath (to which I replied you are too young to be out of breath). It turns out our genius is taking his first steps into the land of jolly phonics...Consequently, the non-existent alpha mum inside me went on amazon to see what they had to offer for a four year old whose parents are ignoramuses when it comes to phonics. It turns out there is jolly phonics dvd - to help your little ones with their reading and writing skills. Very nice...only there was a spelling mistake in their wonderful spiel about how it would enhance the literary skills of my child. That reduced me to giggles. The school seemed to be doing pretty good job with phonics and if we were in Finland young sir wouldn't be starting school for an other two years so the alpha mum within me went back into hiding...hopefully for a very long time.

I'll try again next week...I will do Ten on Tuesday...wondering if it counts as cheating if I start drafting my ten now in case I forget again?

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