Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - travels and feline excitement

1. I have a new toy. Henrik likes it too.

2. The cat appears to have killed her first bird...not bad for a cat who did not set a paw outside for the first 4.5 years of her life. We've had her for 1.5 years now and so far the only thing she has ever caught has been a fly - until now...there was a dead black bird on the decking...

3. Our green credentials are up. We took the train down south rather than drove last weekend. Young sir was very good travelling. He got to choose a magazine at the station. He chose octonauts one and it kept him occupied most of the journey from Newcastle to London

4. We had lovely time down south seeing family and relaxing -  my only weekend off until I submit the thesis so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Iska, the puppy had grown, we went to see lambing at Coombes farm,  had a quick trip to Lewes to stock up on beer and ate lots of lovely food.

5. Bedtime stories are an essential part of the bedtime routine. Regardless of the time of the day. On Sunday night we got back home about 22.30, young sir had been snoozing away on the train for the last hour and half of the journey, yet the moment he's head hit the pillow on his bed he suddenly perked up and wanted a story. I read him a story - or every other line of it - he was too tired to realise half of the story was missing

6. I am impressed by my organisational skills - I found the cat's vaccination record book in two minutes with ten minutes to spare before we needed to leave to the vets

7. The organisational skills didn't extend to locating the cat's basket, I ended up phoning up David for advice about where to find it. I had been looking in the right place but not just hard enough. Consequently the environmental credits suffered again as we ended up driving to the vets

8. The inflation rate at the vets seem to be different to the rest of the country - the price of the vaccination has gone up by £7 since last year!

9. I made some lemon poppy seed muffins last night. They were yummee as the Monday night tasting panel agreed and they were eaten before I managed to take an arty photo of them...

10. I listened to a podcast by Bill Johnson and he made and interesting comment 'Fear kills dreams'. It's been going around in my head since I heard it and we ended up chatting about it with the youth last night. We left them with a challenge for when they are journalling or having some God time to ask God what fears they've let enter their hearts and what dreams had those fears killed. So if you are ready for a challenge, think back to when you were little, before you started worrying about things and see what dreams you had in your hearts then and where are those dreams now. Each one of us can be dreamers of impossible dreams, if you want things to happen in your life the first thing is to dream, then start taking steps of faith towards that dream. One little step at the time and you'll be more likely to get there than if you don't even dare to dream.

Here's Helen's blog, she encouraged me to start doing Ten on Tuesday - week three and I am enjoying it so far!

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