Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Somehow I managed to scrape together another Ten on Tuesday...

1. I have always known it - chocolate is good for me and now the world of science seems to agree, you are slimmer if you eat chocolate and it's good to have a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast - who am I to argue with the experts

2. I was reading an article on data saturation but all I could focus on was that the article written by a lady called Arwen - Lord of the Rings meets academia

3. Hellebores are one of my favourite flowers. Apart from being being very pretty, they flower when not much else is going on in the garden.

4. The theme for this years scarecrow competition at the allotment has been announced. Not really sure if it is for the jubilee or the olympics but the theme is red, white and blue. So far I have no ideas. Any suggestions are gratefully received!

5. On the whole I would say that I've managed to learn to control my competitiveness pretty well. However after winning the scarecrow competition with Prince Harry last year, I want to win again. A commemorative Jubilee biscuit tin would go nicely with the commemorative Royal Wedding tin I won last time ;)

6. Bed time delaying tactics are entering into the bedtime routine. The current favourite is the young sir thanking Jesus for all his little school friends and anyone he can think of...

7. The northern summers are short and sweet. We are slowly learning not to expect too much of the summer itself (usually wet and cold) but to enjoy the spring which is dry and warm. And it seems to get earlier every year, it was lovely today and it's being forecast 20c for tomorrow! It doesn't get that hot even in the summer.... 

8. Following on from number 7: 'Carpe diem' is definitely the golden rule for living in the North East. Our application of it is that the BBQ comes out when it is even vaguely warm. This year we are off to a good start - not even the end of March yet and we've already had two outdoor cooking sessions :)

9. I need to take some lessons of the cat on how to chill and relax. For the last couple of months, I've been randomly waking up in the middle of the night, thinking something I'd been writing about the day before. Apart from few moments of inspiration, the thoughts have mainly been of the worried variety.

10. I have a plan for the next six weeks before the s-day, it is on each day to do the best I can without worrying of all the other things I've got to do tomorrow, or day after tomorrow or...

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