Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hasty attempt of Ten on Tuesday

Here we go:

1. Balloons and bunting are essential part of birthday celebrations if you are four. Only I didn't have enough balloons for young sir's in my little party on Sunday

2. Young sir is a dap hand at decorating cake was a beautiful mismatch of Lighting McQueen sugar figures, jelly oranges, purple sprinkles and my name written with pink and white sugar pearls.

3. I discovered today that leaving the key for the bike lock at home and only realising it when you get to school is not a good plan! Oh well, I got double the exercise walking the distance twice!

4. DIY always takes longer than you think. We started doing the bathroom couple of weeks ago, expecting it to be finished by now. Hmmm...maybe another couple of weeks yet...who needs a shower when you have bath?!?

5. Under the bathroom tiles we discovered various shades of blue and yellow. I would have loved to see the bathroom when it had the flowery wallpaper that was uncovered behind the sink

6. I love our new bath, it makes the old one look dinky. Once I've finished this I will go and have a nice soak to sooth my brain cells that have had a long day going over draft number n of yet another chapter of the thesis

7. One of the things I love about my lovely hubby is that he is amazingly skilled in gutting and filleting fish. My mum did try to teach me when I was younger but I don't think I was keen learner...

8. I love sweet potato, spinnach and feta salad - it is one of the simplest and yummiest recipes ever

9. They have been talking about mother's day at nursery, every morning for the last week, I've been asked 'is it motehr's day today aiti?'

10. Young sir has got an idea from somewhere that painting my nails is also an essential part of birthday celebrations and he keeps checking them daily to see if I've done so. He definitely has a very clear idea of what mums need to do to be princesses!

I made it :) Have a look of Helen's 10 and the links to all the other lovely ladies doing their ten too!

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