Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enter Wilfred

Young sir has created an imaginary friend call Wilfred. The most important thing you need to know about Wilfred is that 'his mummy lets him watch television every day'....oh dear...

Ignorance is a bliss but unfortunately being at school nursery is quietly chipping away this wonderful state of ignorance we've had. Before, pancakes were an occasional breakfast. Now, he knows about existence of pancake day and the importance of flipping the pancake over - gone are the days of just using the spatula to turn them over lazily. Before, sitting together to watch an animated film together with a bowl of popcorn to share was a special treat. Now, he knows that other kids are allowed to watch tv daily.

Thankfully he has chosen the subtle way of complaining about the parenting he receives through his imaginary friend and comparisons to the parenting Wilfred receives. So we'll keep telling him how much better it is for his imagination if he plays with his trains or the lego to which he usually returns with a bit quizzical 'whatever' look.

The sweetest thing about Wilfred though is that he 'lives in my heart' according to the young sir!

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