Saturday, February 04, 2012

Capes and mending - just what Saturdays are for

I've had few pairs of young sir's trousers that had holes on the knees that have been sitting on my mending pile for a while. Today was the day that they finally got mended. He seems to always fall down the same knee first - so most of his trousers have patches on the right knee.

The first pair was not a problem. Navy blue, so I put a piece of fabric behind the whole and just zigzagged over with navy thread. Job done.

Second pair though...major problem - I had no thread of the same colour and the thought of braving the arctic conditions didn't appeal. It's not really arctic only -2c - arctic only for the North East coast!

I was not to be deterred so decided to do my usual zigzagging business and cover it up with a little star (cookie cutters are wonderful templates for patches!). I sewed the star on with same colour thread than the stripes on the side and it doesn't look too bad and what is even better the young sir seems to like the star too!

A tutorial for making a superhero cape caught my interest on pinterest some time ago so after I finished my mending it was time to have some sewing fun :)

We got a fleece blanket from ikea for the fabric - cheaper than buying it by the meter.

I decided to trust my memory rather than read the tutorial again so I ended up making a double width cape...never mind...I should have used a quarter of a circle rather than half but it doesn't seem to matter - there's just more cape to wrap into. Picture below is before sewing it. I didn't bother hemming it as it is fleece and shouldn't fray too much.
 Super Henrik in his double sized cape
 Super H
 I added some gold sequences along the edge in the front (boys dressy up clothes are usually far too boring - I am sure they would benefit from having a bit more bling and glitter on...) and two little jingle bells in the bottom corners. The added benefit of the bells is that I have a advance warning before I am attacked by the Super H ;)

I didn't have velcro and again did not fancy the arctic weather. The English arctic weather is lame compared to the -40.3c that was recorded in Finland this morning! But for England it is cold and it gets tiring correcting people on what arctic really means.

So back to velcro. I replaced it with two poppers, the sew on type not the press on ones :( I sewed a big button on the front that covered where I'd stitched the poppers on. Or to be more exact my all singing all dancing sewing machine that I absolutely love stitched and sewed both the poppers and the button on.

If anyone has a little boy, or a girl for that matter, the superhero cape is the easiest thing to make. You could use any old towel for making it too so it's no cost fancy dress.

Young sir seems to love his and has been prancing around the house doing superman poses ever since I finished it!

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